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Carrie Eggart

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Social worker that helps with family issues, addiction, autism, and more.

Carrie's clinical focus includes assisting clients in achieving the life they want by healing trauma, identifying attachment disorders, and gaining a deeper understanding of self. Carrie has a unique ability to assist clients in recognizing how their addictions, complicated relationships, and unwanted behaviors can be modified with the proper tools and resources. Carrie’s therapeutic style is a blend of empathetic directness. She is open about her own therapeutic journey, experience with addiction in her family, and divorce/family reunification. As a parent, Carrie understands the unique challenges today's teens face navigating both public and private schools in a highly competitive environment. Having experienced both the Park Cities and private school cultures, she has the knowledge to understand these challenges on a deeper level. Carrie has worked in a range of therapeutic settings including intensive outpatient addiction/behavioral health to working with individuals with learning differences, anxiety, and depression.

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